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zero” // podcast #003 - City Focus: Cologne

Our first podcast focuses on the ever diverse Cologne, which has been a centre for new and exciting trends in music ever since the 1950s.

Cologne was the City where Herbert Eimert started his ‘Studio für Elektronische Musik’ and it was home to composers like Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Boulez.

In the early 90s, when electronic club music arrived in Germany, it fell on a very fertile ground in Cologne, making it known for its unique take on minimal techno, combining principles of minimal techno with German folklore.

In this first series of our podcast Ralph Christoph from the C/O Pop Festival talks about these early days and the arrival of electronic music in Cologne. Andy Vaz of Yore Records gives you a grat overview on the ever changing face of Cologne’s music scene.

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Tracklist of podcast #003:

  1. Rivera Rotation feat. Gee Morris - Clouds Around Your Heart (Lounge Records)
  2. Coburn vs. Dumb Blonde - Sugar Lips (Kiki Remix) (Great Stuff Records)
  3. Charles - Mother, Father, Sister, Brother (JARO-MEDIEN GmbH)
  4. Alioth // Friedrich - A Silent Flame (Sonic Content)
  5. Alex B - Gogo Girl (Club Mix) (toka beatz)
  6. Tocotronic - ROCK POP IN CONCERT (RP in C) (L’age D’or)
  7. Jan Meisl - Etude d moll (TON 4 RECORDS)
  8. Pigor // Eichhorn - E - Mail (Tacheles!)
  9. Frank Martiniq - Funk infection rmx f. Martiniq (onitor)
  10. Hagedorn - G (onitor)
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